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Creation of sites

  • online shops
  • promotion
  • for business
  • turn key
We are not just creating beautiful sites, and effective business tools the increase in profits of the company. Ordering a website from us you are guaranteed to increase the visibility of your brand and number of customers.
Chernivtsi, str Malovonkzalnaya, 2B




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Step by step instructions to promote your business on the Internet
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In our Studio work really professionals.

At least 5 specialists work on each site:
We use knowledge EMarketing to make your website visible in search.

Our designer will consider all Your wishes and will add a bright decision, memorable to site visitors.

When the layout of the website we breathe life into the design elements.
Alive text and pictures, and good information attracts attention.

Programmer Studio will register all the necessary settings for the correct functioning of your website.

It offers the Internet marketer. It is very important to make the visitor desire to make an order or purchase. For this we use our knowledge in psychology and technology sales.

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Developed sites are configured under the adaptation to modern devices and browsers.
Photo icons adaptive
A good website looks correct on any device. It is beautiful and comfortable on a wide computer screen or a mobile device.
Photo icons system administration
Easy system administration
We create simple and intuitive system administration of the website. Your Manager will easily be able to change photos, text, or price.
Photo icon accessibility
Special features
We connect your website chat rooms and forms the call for the user's convenience and faster communication between the Manager and the client.
Photo icons SEO
SEO – optimization
Search engines are the main sales channel on the Internet. Ordering a website from us, You can be sure that he will not remain on the margins in the search
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Analytics is an effective tool to monitor popularity of your site. It allows you to track the interests and reactions of visitors, monitor the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.
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From the landing page to the online store
Individual approach allows us to develop websites for any kind of business. Flexible rates allow you to create sites for clients with small budget.
from 320 $
  • Adaptive design
  • 1-3 page
  • Content management system
  • Forms of capture
  • Road map
  • Analytics
  • Online consultant
  • Photo / Video Gallery
  • Seo module
  • Back call
  • Newsletter Subscription
Website information
from 470 $
  • Adaptive design
  • Content management system
  • Blog and news
  • Comments and reviews
  • List of goods / services
  • Online consultant
  • Seo module
  • Photo / Video Gallery
  • Feedback form
  • Back call
  • Site search
  • Online calculator
  • Online payment
  • Personal Area
  • Multilingual
  • Online booking
  • HTTPS connection
  • Email distribution
  • CRM Integration
  • Several price levels
  • Conducting surveys
  • Question answer
  • SMS notifications
  • Google amp
  • Individual functionality
Online store
from 850 $
  • Adaptive design
  • Order Management
  • One-step basket
  • Seo module
  • Discounts and promotions
  • Latest arrivals
  • Analytics
  • Product Reviews
  • Blog and news
  • Payment methods
  • Delivery methods
  • Connection liqpay, portmone
  • Import from Excel
  • Integration with New Mail
  • Synchronization with 1C
  • Personal Area
  • Course price
  • Product Options
  • Product filters
  • Multilingual
  • Dropshipping
  • Discount codes
  • Abandoned basket
  • HTML letters
  • Individual functionality
*Specify other services the Manager
Photo background experts
Photo icons briefing
Discuss Your future website and your business. Clarify the need for different elements and functions. Generated detailed job and claim the cost of the site.
Photo icons design
Choose a template or develop an individual design in accordance with the subject site.Create animations and customize the content if necessary.
Photo icons website development
Introducing the essential forms of communication. Custom for search engines and CRM systems. The site will be fast and work correctly in all browsers.
Photo icons test
Before starting, the site separately tested to identify and correct errors. Coordinate the finished website and launch the project. Now you can Express yourself to the world.
Chernivtsi, str Malovonkzalnaya, 2B